Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have fallen out of the habit of drawing in my personal time, further I have developed an inexplicable anxiety about sharing what little I do produce. Thusly, I am now going to share with great abandon and damned be the consequences. Discretion and sanity I will save for my portfolio website. It's about time to stop wringing my hands worrying what others think considering I'm over a quarter century old. (Is it just me, or does this sound like a high schooler's diary entry all of the sudden?)

That being said, there are now furries below this sentence. "Yiff in hell furfag," you say? Is that an offer? Gross. Also just realized that makes a funny acronym, YIHFF.

It makes me sad how old the above doodle is and how little else there is to share available on my desktop.

The following is what I saw loaded on Ms. Wrinklenose's Chrome App. Poor dear.

[Can carrots make you fat                                         ]
[Google Search]     [I'm Feeling Lucky]

Note: second lazy arse smeary disaster of a sky background in the same post.