Friday, January 15, 2010

Something fun to play with!

I've uploaded the final assignment from my Illustration 3 class to my deviantArt account. :) It's good for a minute or two of clicking around, take a look! See how many different things you can find to interact with.

Here's the link :: Click me!

Working on this environment was really enjoyable, I hope to have the opportunity to do more interactive flash work in the future. It's really a great digital medium.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Temporary portfolio

Above: Some personal images I've been spending my daily hours on to complete. Although the style might be a little cliche, I have a fun time using bright colors and hard-edged shapes. The line-work could use much more refinement for a more professional appearance.

Until I can get a more complete website completed, I've created a deviantArt account to hold my work. It's located at

Among other things, most of which were also on my Midpoint review fliker account, I've uploaded some artwork from my children's book illustration class. For the majority of that class we focused on a book illustration project, where we had to illustrate 6-8 pages of a story of our choice. I learned a lot of about the process of book illustration, and look forward eagerly to my next opportunity to do so. Knowing the process, I'm completely confident the next project will far exceed what I was able to accomplish in that class.